Experience the best windows 8 tablet by Lenovo

apple-ipad-pro-all-the-official-images1The recent discovery of the ThinkPad Tablet 2 by Lenovo seems to have it all. It is perfect in its physical form. The tablet is 10.1 inches with a massive screen size and portable in nature. The model ensures better comfort and a better user experience. You will be happy to hold the 1.3 lbs tablet that has a thickness of 0.39 inches. Lenovo has also enabled pen support that makes smooth interaction with the tablet as well as the screen icons.

Additionally, it provides full support for handwriting input and recognition, which eliminates the need for onscreen keyboard for text input. When you start scribbling, using the pen, your handwriting is transformed into digital text automatically.

It is easy to install as well as use the windows app. It supports the full version of the windows and makes it a wonderful tablet to use. Installing and running Chrome is simple, which makes the tablet a complete BYOD enterprise use. It is the best choice of the business and IT people.

The battery life is good. The best tablet for windows is powered with Atom Processor that supports the simultaneous running of the apps. The battery provides ten hours of service that show that the battery power is amazing. It is one of the best apps used during the time of travel. There is no need to run for charging the app as it can be used for long hours at a stretch.

It helps to read the content in portrait mode. It uses the Kindle app that is necessary for reading e-books. The amazing display makes it a perfect e-reader. There will be no means of fatigue while reading the e-books. Additionally, the portable keyboard is designed to make it easy to work. The mouse buttons also make it easy to control the movements of the cursor.


Author: iTablets

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